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Hello! My name is Anne, and I’m convinced I used to live in Victorian England in a past life.

I have a strong love for tea and blue toile.
Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Its a random proximity thing





you know what’s fucked up?

that you can be without someone for six months, a year, five years and have mastered not thinking about them, but no matter how much time passes there will always be that moment where you see a photo of them or catch a little of their cologne on a crowed street and suddenly you’re plagued with a rapidly sinking stomach and the relentless question, “what did i do wrong?”

When I was in college, there was this girl I kept running into on campus.


Like, I once nailed myself in the crotch when my bike decided to shy away from her on the sidewalk. Or it was as I passed her in the hallway, just as her elbow jabbed me right in the boob.

The poor girl probably thought I had a crush on her or something, what with me constantly falling down at her feet.

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