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I have this horrible sinking feeling that I shouldn’t pursue my feelings because I’ll probably just end up disappointed. I always seem to get my hopes up for the worst reasons. But I can’t help it……

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Faithless - Crazy English Summer

Sometimes I feel like I’m fine on my own, 
Fifty thousand miles from home.
Sometimes I’m weak and the past is my guide, 
Summer returns and puts you back on my mind.

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there’s part of me that really misses being so close to you as a friend and wants that back. theres a part of me that wants to be in a relationship with you. and theres a part of me that just wants absofuckinglutely nothing to do with you.


now to decide which bit of me roars the loudest.

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Sometimes I wish I didn’t love so hard, saves time from me getting hurt so much.

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I guess all I can say is what goes around comes around.

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I hate getting angry. I hate getting angry because I’m always so worn out when my anger subsides. I’m physically tired, and it’s as if the emotion sucked everything out of me.

Thankfully my roommate thought to make me some tea, as she knows it helps me calm down.

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