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i love this…”a caged heart doesn’t sing”


i love this…”a caged heart doesn’t sing”

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From Death comes Life.


From Death comes Life.

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Working on my OUAT heart box.

It’s coming along nicely, and I managed to find some string lights today that have a pulse setting. Now to find a heart…

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The heart shaped cake by Lily Vanilli is perfect for any cardiologists or evil Disney queens in your life. It’s made out of red velvet sponge cake or blood-red cocoa cake, topped with blackcurrant and raspberry “blood” coulis. Considering I couldn’t eat a bagel because it was dyed an unappetizing green color for St. Patrick’s Day, I might struggle to enjoy this cake no matter how sweet it is.

I want it. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaant. 

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I’ve come to the conclusion

that I shouldn’t get too close to people. I have a big heart, and I always seem to fall in love with the wrong people. 

Emotions suck, sometimes. 

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